Si vas a comer mucho, no dejes de correr

National holidays are here! Empanadas, anticuchos, terremotos (wine with pineapple ice cream) and asados (barbeques) ¡Yummy! But in this season alimentary excess is usually one of the behaviors that are most repeated in many of us (and then we complain). Luckily physical exercise may overcome some of its inconveniences.

The combination of alimentary excess and physical inactivity is a mixture that may be harmful for health and personal image of any person.

In a study there was an intention of evaluating the effects of physical activity in moments of specific alimentary excess (as the moments of parties and celebrations).

For this, 26 young men who during seven days performed an excessive intake of good without physical activity of 45 daily minutes running in a treadmill.

To equalize the same excess of daily calories, the group of inactive men increased their intake of calories in a 50%, while the active group increased their intake of calories in a 75%.

The effects of eating in excess during seven days were significant:

  • Participants of both groups (active and inactive) suffered an increase of bodily mass, circumference of waist and hip.
  • The quantity of body and abdominal fat, and blood pressure also increased in both groups.

Even though it is clear that alimentary excess produced negative effects both groups for both groups, the study found out that those effects were much lower in the group that performed daily physical education.

Without a doubt, this is one of many benefits of running for our health.

That is why, in moments when we know that it is really difficult to avoid alimentary excess, the best alternative to overcome its effects will be not stopping to do physical activity. Happy National Holidays runners!


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