The Entel Maratón de Santiago 2018 was launched with the presence of the Intendent and the Mayor of Santiago

The event will be carried out in April 8 and there are 30,000 places among 10K, 21K and 42K

The Entel Maratón de Santiago 2018 was launched with the presence of the Intendent and the Mayor of Santiago


  • Intendent Claudio Orrego and mayor Felipe Alessandri made a calling to participate in the event, which has citizen focus this year.
  • Besides Unicef, Bomberos de Chile is added for the first time as an entity allowed to receive donations when entering for any of the distances.
  • Places were opened today at 00:00, and in 12 hours already 2,200 people have appointed themselves for a place. Entel will give a 20% discount in the entry, while the runners from cities outside Santiago will be benefitted by a 35% discount in Pullman Bus tickets for that date.


Santiago, October 3, 2017.- An unexpected show surprised today those that walked around the Plaza de Armas de Santiago, when people looking like clerks, students and tourists suddenly began to dance a choreography. The spontaneous applause of the people went to the flashmob that the Entel Maratón de Santiago prepared to tell everybody that today at midnight the entries for the event were opened. The event will be held on April 8, 2018 and has 30 thousand places among 10K, 21K and 42K.

En el kilómetro cero de la ciudad y con el respaldo del Intendente de Santiago, Claudio Orrego, y del alcalde de Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, se invitó a los chilenos a ser parte de la Fiesta deportiva más grande de Chile que, en su duodécima versión, busca integrar a la ciudad como actor clave y lograr mayor participación de los vecinos de las 8 comunas por donde atraviesa el recorrido.

In the city’s kilometer zero, and with the support of the Intendent of Santiago, Claudio Orrego, and the Mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, Chileans were invited to be part of the biggest sporting party in Chile that, in its twelfth version, seeks to integrate the city as a key player and achieve greater participation of the neighbors of the eight districts through which the route crosses.

“This is a city festival that does well to Santiago and its inhabitants, not only those who run, but also those who go out to support them in the streets. That speaks of a civic culture that Santiago is developing in favor of sport and inclusion,” said Intendent Claudio Orrego, clarifying that “there may be all the marathons you want in Santiago, but not in the same day. The Entel Maratòn de Santiago was the first marathon that requested the date and that is respected, because in addition it has tradition and all the security regulations have been fulfillied in an increasing way in time”.

In the same line, Santiago Mayor Felipe Alessandri commented that “we are very pleased to incorporate, together with Entel Maratón de Santiago, the community in this great sporting event, putting the opinion of the neighbors first. With several months in advance and beginning in November, different meetings will be held with neighborhood groups from the areas surrounding the marathon to publicize the progress in the organization of the event and incorporate the observations of those living in the territory to the event’s logistics.”

To seal this pact with the city, eMDS Executive Director Francisca Aguirre said that the eMDS 2018’s motto is “In the heart of the city” and presented a poster illustrated by the artist Matías Prado showing the map of Santiago made only with small drawings of people that includes runners and people that is characteristic of the event.

“As an organization we are proud that the eMDS reaches 12 years of life, that every year more people and institutions join us. The entries were opened at midnight hours today on our website, and in 12 hours we already have 2,200 entries. This demonstrates the interest and affection of the runners for the eMDS, so we have to take care of it and improve it every year. Although there are more than six months still to the event, we already have the confirmation of six of the eight municipalities involved” said Francisca Aguirre, warning that the 21K quotas are only 13,000.


In addition, it was announced that for the first time, Bomberos de Chile will join Unicef as a recipient of donations. That is, when people enter, they can choose one of the two institutions to make an economic contribution. For Alonso Ségeur, director of the National Academy of Bomberos de Chile, “this is an invitation that we thank, because people can support us at the time of signing up, but what we like most is to be able to get along with the citizens, we will have parallel activities and people who always see their firefighters running, this time will see them run in the Entel Maratón de Santiago. ”


Macarena Arangua, Unicef ​​fundraising officer, commented that “this is the fourth time we have participated with Entel Maratòn de Santiago, which allows us to communicate what Unicef ​​does in Chile and the world, and to reach the thousands of runners who participate in this event through their contributions.”


2018 Values

The entry fee values starts from CLP 20,000, corresponding to the 10K category in the first entry period that goes from October 3 to November 30, 2017 (attached table of values ​​at the end of this release). Rodrigo Solar, marketing manager of Entel, said that “the Entel Maratón de Santiago is the biggest national sporting party and a great day to go out and enjoy this city. For this reason we would like to invite our clients to enter and take advantage of a 20% discount. We want people to connect with their environment and outdoor life. We are proud to be, for the fifth consecutive year, part of this citizen event. ” The 2017 version of the eMDS counted on more than four thousand foreign runners from to the five continents, whereas the runners of other regions in Chile were around eight thousand. Thinking about the latter, an alliance was made with the Pullman Bus company (Pullman North and South), which will grant a 35% discount on tickets to Santiago if purchased to attend the event.

Brand new Santiago illustration

Streetwalkers were  struck by the illustration that Matías Prado made for the Entel Maratòn de Santiago, which was exhibited at the place. His idea was to “capture the diversity of people who participate in the event, it is incredible to see people with disabilities, athletes and ordinary people who run to meet their own challenges. I wanted to represent the reality of the event, with the Palacio de la Moneda in the background, even with people supporting with posters and some dogs hanging around, “he explained.


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