No places left for Entel Marathon of Santiago 2018

30.000 runners will run on April 8, divided between 10K, 21K and 42K

This year, 4,502 foreigners from countries of the five continents were registered, while the runners from regions totaled 6,500.

Santiago, March 2, 2018.- At noon today the counter for the Entel Marathon of Santiago reached zero, so it is expected 30.000 runners at the starting arch located in the front of La Moneda, next April 8.

Of the total number of registrations, 10,858 are women and 19,142, men. In terms of distances, 21K is still the most desired of the event and those 13.000 places were the first to run out. The rest of the places are distributed between 10K and 42K, with 10,779 registered in the first distance and 6,373 for marathon.

Non Santiago Regions will also be present at the largest sports party in Chile with 6,488 runners.

For foreigners, there are a total of 4,502 runners from five continents, wilst Brazil at the top with the highest number of participants: 3,353 competitors. Representatives from nations as far away as Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Singapore and Japan will also be present at the sporting event.

“Those who have experienced the adrenaline of being here, knows the carnival of emotions that means eMDS, is an instance to make the sport a party. We are proud because of the interest to participate, especially foreigners, which means that we are doing things right. And those who won’t compete, we invite them to get off the car this April 8, go out to encourage runners and enjoy  different points of entertainment  on the course, which will be timely informed, “said Francisca Aguirre, CEO of the Entel Marathon of Santiago.

Carlos Rodríguez, Manager of Innovation of Entel, said “with the Entel Marathon of Santiago we connect people with sports and healthy living. Again, 30,000 people will be able to connect with the city and with other runners, thanks to this citizen event”.



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