Kenyan Luka Lobwan won the Entel Maratón de Santiago and destroyed the South American record

Eleventh version of the largest Sporting Party in Chile gathered 30,000 runners

  • The athlete did a time of 02:09:39, also shattering the eMDS mark. The winner of the female 42K was Inés Melchor from Peru, with a time of 02:34:12.
  • Érika Olivera said goodbye to high performance finishing the 21K, where she enjoyed the love and support of all the audience that went into the streets to cheer.

Santiago, April 2. A massive gathering happened in the eleventh version of the Entel Maratón de Santiago, which had  30,000 entries and a crowd of several hundred that cheered the runners since 8 AM, time of the first start in front of the La Moneda Palace.

The runners ran along the streets of Santiago in their aquamarine shirts. They moved along eight districts to complete the 10K, 21K and 42K.

The winner of this eMDS was Kenyan Luka Lobwan, who registered 02:09:39, destroying the South American record for a Marathon.

“Something unprecedented happened here” said Fernando Jamarne, president of the Maratón de Santiago Corporation. “In this version of the Entel Maratón de Santiago Luka Lobwan did 2:09:39, a new best time in South America, and broke the 42K record of our Marathon, which was 2:11:01. Besides, Julius Ketter, second places in the same series, did 2:09:55, also besting last year’s time”.

In the female series the 42K winner was Inés Melchor from Peru, who won with 02:34:12.

One of the most emotional moments of the day was the arrival of Érika Olivera to the finish line, saying goodbye to high performance after strolling the 21K, receiving the love of runners and people in the streets.

“I want to thank everybody who supported me, and all the runners that I shared with. I am very happy to finish a sporting career this way. I thank the organization of the Entel Maratón de Santiago for a chance to finish like this. I am so calm and happy, I have come here working for four years, and today I retire with the feeling that I did all I proposed to do” said Olivera, multi-record holder with more than thirty years of service to sport.

A grand gesture to Olivera’s retirement was the creation of the Érika Olivera award to the best Chilean man and woman to cross the marathon finish line. The winners this time, who received the award from the very same Olivera, were Francisco Méndez, with a time of 02:25:06, and Clara Morales, with 02:47:22.
The marathon runners were able to follow the exact 42,195 meter path thanks to the blue Line, which made its first appearance in this event. “We had some novelties in this marathon, like the Blue Line, which guided the marathon runners in the exact distance of the race, saving energy so they could complete this feat in the lowest possible time” said Felipe Salas, spokesman for the Entel Maratón de Santiago.

Francisco Riquelme, General Director of the event, thinks this version of eMDS had all the requirements to be, once again, the big party of running. “We are very happy because the runners could enjoy all the services provided for the needs of each distance, and live this experience as in the best marathon in South America”.

Rodrigo Solar, Marketing manager for Entel said that “the Entel Maratón de Santiago has allowed us to join and connect people from all the country and abroad. Thanks to this race, 30,000 people were linked for the first time through sport. We are very happy for the big party we saw on this Sunday”.


42k Women
1st Place: Inés Melchor   02:34:12, Peru
2nd Place:  Shewarge Amare 02:36:46, Ethiopia
3rd Place: Ogla Kimaiyo 02:37:02, Kenya

42k Men
1st Place:  Luka Lobuwan   02:09:39, Kenya
2nd Place: Julius Ketter  02:09:55, Kenya
3rd Place:  Richard Sigei  02:12:10, Kenya

21k Women
1st Place: Rocío Cantara 01:17:17, Peru
2nd Place: Nicolasa Condori  01:19:08, Peru
3rd Place: Cecilia Fernández  01:21:47, Argentina

21k Men
1st Place: Enzo Yáñez 01:05:14, Chile
2nd Place: Edsonp Lima  01:05:16 , Peru
3rd Place: Matías Silva  01:05:38, Chile

10k Women
1st Place: Jennifer González  00:32:51  Chile
2nd Place: Nicole Urra   00:34:26, Chile
3rd Place: Geraldine Becerra  00:35:51, Chile

10k Men
1st Place: Carlos Díaz 00:27:38,  Chile
2nd Place: Víctor Aravena  00:27:41, Chile
3rd Place: Roberto Tello  00:28:25, Chile

Érika Olivera Award 
First Chilean man 42k:  Francisco Méndez   02:25:06
First Chilean woman 42k:  Clara Morales  02:47:22



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