Women’s entries for Entel Maratón de Santiago increase 25% regarding last year

  • Until this date, the largest Sporting Party of Chile has already secured the presence of 4,725 female runners from Chile and abroad.
  • Nov. 30 is the deadline for the first entry phase, with lower prices than the second phase.

Santiago, Nov. 25, 2016.- Few days before finishing the first entry phase, more than 13,118 runners have secured their participation in the eleventh version of the Entel Maratón de Santiago, which will take place in April 2 next year.

To this date, the number of women who have been motivated to participate in this sporting-citizen event has increased by almost 25% over the same time last year (from 3,802 to 4,725 entered).


The total number of entries also increased in comparison to the previous year at the same date; Of 11,464 in 2016, we are already at 13,118 for 2017, which is equivalent to 14% more.


“It is a phenomenon that not only shows the greater incorporation of women into running, but it has also transformed the eMDS into an event that meets the needs and expectations of the women runners. More safety, better services, better production, an entertaining and well-stocked circuit, plus the whole party before and after, make the marathon a must-see for women of all ages and sporting levels. The greater presence and participation of women in the eMDS2017 will undoubtedly create a better atmosphere, a more entertaining party and, above all, improve the sporting spirit with the contribution of them. The next Entel Maratón de Santiago will undoubtedly also be the marathon of the Chilean woman. I invite you to enter today and see you on April 2, 2017,” Felipe Salas, Entel Maratón de Santiago spokesman, said.


Along with celebrating these figures, the organizers also invite those who have postponed their entry to take advantage of the last days of the first phase that ends on November 30 with discounts from Entel, Main Sponsor of the mega event, offering a 20% discount to its customers during this first phase.




First female entry for eMDS2017.

Stephanie Fleaux secured her participation in the 42K of the Entel Maratón de Santiago 2017 at 00:02:12 on last October 3. From the city of Talca, Region of Maule, she was the first woman to enter and hopes to run for the fifth time in this great sporting party.

“I never did it with the intention of being the first one (laughs). We agreed with a friend to enter together us and motivate another friend who was not very convinced. She still does not sign up, but we know she will soon. We managed to convince her, “says the 29-year-old young architect.

Stephanie started doing spinning in 2011 and then became excited about running. She entered the Club Deportivo Atlético Piduco, who she trains with in the afternoons and who will accompany her at the eMDS. “In 2016 we were a group of 20 people participating. It is very motivating to run the 42K of the Maratón de Santiago because people yell at you, cheer you up and that is very entertaining. 2017 I think we will be more, “he says.

Between 2013 and 2015, Stephanie ran the 21K eMDS. In 2014 she ran that distance with six months of pregnancy. “I never stopped running when I was pregnant. The half marathon I did slow, taking two hours and a half, but I finished well. Then I had to stop running because the belly was too heavy,” says the runner, who in 2016 made the leap to the 42K, a challenge that along with many more women, she hopes to overcome in 2017.



Photo: Stephanie participating in eMDS2016.







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