First-ever meeting between runners and the eMDS organization


Wednesday, September 13, 2017.- A first-ever meeting happened today in the Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, where more than 50 professional athletes and runners sat down to discuss the organization of the emblematic event, which shall celebrate its 12th anniversary on April 8, 2018.

Athletes such as Érika Olivera, Jennifer González, Erwin Valdebenito, Duilio de Lapeyra, David Flores, presidents of more than 20 Santiago running clubs and amateur runners that have participated in some of the three distances gave their opinion on the good and the improvable of eMDS, moving along themes such as the organization of the event, values and entries, impact on the city, Expo Running and circuit touring.

“You are the stars of the event, and are the most authorized voice to tell us from your experience how will you live the Entel Maratón de Santiago, what can we improve so the event may keep growing and getting stronger” said Francisca Aguirre, Executive Director of the Entel Maratón de Santiago, explaining that the proposals of the participants will be considered by the organization looking forward to eMDS 2018.

The relationship with the Athletic Federation of Chile and the announcement of a marathon on the same day as eMDS was also an issue that Francisca Aguirre wanted to sort out. “The doors of eMDS are open for Fedachi, it’s the biggest sporting party in Chile and we want everybody to participate. We regret that they announce a marathon for the same day, having other eleven months available, eMDS is usually carried out in April, so the Fedachi initiative harms athletes and puts authorities in a problem”.

She finally said that “like every year, permits for the Entel Maratón de Santiago to be carried out in April 8, 2018 have been already requested, and we currently have the approval of five of the eight districts where the circuit is. We are the biggest sporting party in Chile and eleven years may not be erased in one stroke”.

Happy runners

Multi-recordwoman Érika Olivera celebrated the meeting, saying that “eMDS is the only sporting party for running, it’s once a year where everybody vibrates and we fill ourselves with adrenaline. We must continue giving life to it so it continues growing”.

“We have an Athletic Federation, an Athletic Association, and we never had had an opportunity such as this meeting, where the athletes can give their opinion”, said Erwin Valdebenito, acknowledged national runner and Guinness record of 24 hours in a treadmill, reaching 247 kilometers.

David Flores, 42K winner in the 2017 motor disability series, also applauded the idea. “I like this initiative a lot, where we, the people who participate in the event, may have something to give and our opinions are listened to”.

Fernando Leiva and Francisco Godoy, members of Team Tolio, are an example of motivation and effort. “We are the typical amateur runners who, in order to fund our racing, get organized and sell sopaipillas and kebabs”, tells Francisco, while Fernando says that “our goal always is arriving. The first marathon I ran took me 5 hours and a half, and this year I already went down to 4 hours and a half”.


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