Entel Maratón de Santiago tendrá su propia Blue Line

Today we launched the 2017 version of the biggest Sporting Celebration in Chile.

Blue Line

  • It is a blue color mark that will indicate the shortest distance to reach the 42,195 kilometers that the marathon runners have to do, being an emblematic icon of competitions in the United States and Europe.
  • The opening of entries will be done on Oct. 3. Erika Olivera was nominated to start its countdown, which will be projected from today in the Entel Tower.

With the presence of the Seremi of Transport and Telecommunications Matias Salazar, the leading national athlete Erika Olivera, and the president of the Corporación Maratón de Santiago Fernando Jamarne, the Entel Maratón de Santiago Marathon 2017 was launched yesterday in the Plaza de la Cultura, an iconic sporting event that will bring together thousands of runners on the streets of the city, on Sunday April 2 next year.

In the event, a new symbol of the largest sporting event in Chile, the Blue Line, was unveiled.


It is a blue label painted on the street, which indicates the shortest distance to reach the 42,195 kilometers that the marathon runners must travel; a seal of great marathons in the world, such as those carried out in the United States, Europe and Australia. Symbolically, these authorities painted a sample of the Blue Line in its place.

Matias Salazar, Seremi of Transport and Telecommunications, spoke about the Blue Line, and also told us he is preparing his fitness to run some of the distances that EMDS features: “As Regional Government, it is extraordinarily relevant for us that activities such as Maratón de Santiago are carried out, being already a symbol of our city, an urban party that occupies the entire city, where people go to the streets and get hold of the public space. In addition, it is a source of tourism, because many people come to Chile to run this marathon. For the next version, besides the traffic cuts and detours, we have added something else: the Blue Line will be featured all the way (42k), which will be authorized by the Ministry of Transport as a street demarcation, so that runners have a guide to run the circuit, which will be removed once the event is over, so it does not cause confusion or safety problems for drivers. We make a calling to Chileans and foreigners to run in this event, and those who do not run, go to the streets to transform this into a real urban party.”


Claudio Orrego, Indendant of Santiago, was not able to attend the launch of the eMDS, but he later commented that “the Maratón de Santiago is one of the most important sporting events in the country, where the cultural change that has happened in Chile regarding sport is faithfully reflected, as running was transformed forever into a passion of multitudes. The Metropolitan Intendancy will join all the activities that promote a better quality of life for its inhabitants and this is one of them. Sports are an essential tool for reducing the stress that all who live in big cities like us has”. Other news came to calm the anxiety of thousands of runners, who have already sought to ensure their participation in the eleventh version of the eMDS: entries for the three categories of 10K, 21K and 42K will open in October 3. And the best: the entries were increased to 30,000.
“For the next year we have 2,000 more entries than in the latest version of the eMDS, and the increase in entries are endorsed by the large number of athletes and runners who requested them. We are sure that they will register from next Monday, both Chilean as well as foreign. Last year we had more than 3,000 people from 50 different countries,” said Fernando Jamarne, president of the Corporación MDS.


The guest of honor was Erika Olivera, recent Olympic flag-bearer and world record holder for being the first woman to complete five marathons in different Olympic Games. A few months ago she announced her retirement from high performance; however, she will be running one of the categories of eMDS next year. “For me, the eMDS has had a very nice and emblematic symbolism throughout my career as an athlete. I started running it at its first edition. The only time I missed it was in 2008, because I was pregnant with my fourth child, but that year I was a spectator and it was super exciting to feel the cannon, and these thousands of Chileans giving the initial step of those 42, 21 or 10 kilometers,” she said.

Accompanied by the part of the ten athletes that the Corporación MDS sponsors, including Daniel Estrada, who represented Chile at the recent Olympic Games in Brazil, Erika gave the go to the countdown for the October 3 registration opening, activating the counting that is projected since today on the screens of the Entel Tower. Entel’s sustainability director Katy Martorell, speaking as Main Sponsor of the largest sports celebration in Chile, said: “As it has been a tradition every year, we will have this sports celebration that brings us all Chileans to give the best of ourselves for 42 kilometers in Santiago. We know it personally to be a very demanding challenge, and what we value as a company is the union and dreams of each person, regardless of the time achieved. At the finish line, we are all heroes for a day.” To celebrate this milestone, Entel will give a 20% discount on registration to its customers until 30 November.


Photos: Óscar Muñoz Badilla


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