Entel Maratón de Santiago promotes a training plan for runners who dare run 42K

“Take a jump” campaign features 20 weeks of physical preparation

  • Runners will be able to follow the plan from the eMDS website and social networks, so they can prepare to run the maximum distance of the event, which will be carried out in April 8.

Starting this Monday, November 20, in the website and social networks of the Entel Maratón of Santiago, a training plan will be published for those who wish to prepare themselves in the best way to run 42K on ​​April 8, the date on which it the 12th version of eMDS will be held.

This is the “Take a jump” campaign, which seeks to motivate 10K and 21K runners to do the great feat of running the marathon distance: participate in the 42 kilometers 195 meters of the biggest sports party, but doing it in a planned and responsible way, training for 20 weeks.

“For us it is a challenge to have more and more marathon runners running in our streets. At the beginning of the event (2007) we had just over 500 runners registered in that category and in the last version we exceeded six thousand; therefore, we know that there is an interest of people in training and surpassing themselves. This plan seeks to guide those who want to take a professional leap, “said Francisca Aguirre, Executive Director of the Entel Maratón of Santiago.

The training program was designed by Rocío Cabello, a physical education teacher and running coach for 10 years. “This plan is made for anyone who wants to run the 42K, but ideally is focused on those who have already run the 21K and are willing to major and disciplined training,” said the coach, who also added that “it is best to start from less to more. The weekly calendar has daily distances and rhythms to run and adapt to the distance of 42k, supplemented with the physical preparation necessary to strengthen the muscles, which is key in this type of challenge. In addition, it is very important that anyone who wants to go up to this level is subject to rigorous medical checkups and goes to the relevant specialist when affected by any kind of physical problem. ”

To motivate people even more and show that they can meet the goal, the organization of the Entel Maratón de Santiago wanted to join the challenge and one of the members of their team will live the training plan.

The brave soul that accepted the challenge was Patricio Díaz (31), graphic designer and who habitually practices running in an amateur way. “I’ve been running for years, but as an amateur. I have never challenged myself or planned the training. It’s more of a hobby “, said the Valparaíso native, who uses the coastal runways on weekends to go jogging.
“This is a personal challenge. Because of my work, I spend most of my time sitting in front of the computer and I have to look for alternatives in order to have a good physical condition. My brother is a runner and he runs the 42K, so he can also help me in this challenge, “said Diaz.



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