Entel Maratón de Santiago presented “Érika Olivera” award and pays tribute to the athlete

Her sporting career was acknowledged

  • The national athlete was awarded for her 30 years of career, whose highlight was being the only female athlete in the world to finish five marathons in Olympic Games, between Atlanta 1996 and Rio 2016.
  • The ceremony also featured the announcement of the “Érika Olivera” award, which will acknowledge the best national athlete –in men and women- of the 42K category in the Entel Maratón de Santiago 2017.


Santiago, January 19, 2017.- The Entel Maratón de Santiago (eMDS) paid tribute to the historical long-distance runner Érika Olivera, highlighting her career and eternal work with the future athletes. A new award that has her name was also presented in a ceremony at Entel Tower in downtown Santiago.

Her 30 years of sporting life, five participations in Olympic marathons, which made her have a world record (Atlanta 1996 to Rio 2016), gold medal in the Winnipeg Pan American Games, among other achievements, were highlighted in the ceremony that featured the Santiago Intendent, Claudio Orrego, mayors of the districts where the marathon takes place, fellow athletes and Érika’s family.

“It is hard to imagine that the greatest Chilean marathon runner of all time will no longer give joy to our country on and off the tracks. I could personally see on the field Érika’s work with young people and adults, the model and values ​​she inspires. The tireless and daily work of our honoree reaffirms her commitment to athletics and healthy living, “said Fernando Jamarne, President of the Corporación Maratón de Santiago.

The Intendent of the Metropolitan Region pointed out that “this year, the Entel Maratón de Santiago is going to be a double party, where the sport takes the city. Not only will we have a crowd of about 30 thousand running through Santiago, but also thousands of citizens begin to understand that this is a party for all who run and also those who support. And it’s going to be a party, too, because we’ll be paying homage to the greatest of the long-distance runners that our country has had, not only for the five Olympic games and more than 20 years competing for Chile, but for the tremendous woman who she is, and the values she represents of struggle, of overcoming adversities and difficulties of life, “Orrego said, after announcing he will personally run the 21K.

Thus, the two-time winner of the Santiago Marathon (2007-2009) won a place in our history and Chile’s collective memory, not only because of her triumphs but also because she motivates many women to go running.

“For us, she is and represents the spirit of the Entel Maratón de Santiago since its inception, always contributing professionalism and dedication, qualities that have motivated more and more people to run, especially women,” said Francisca Aguirre, Executive Director of the Entel Marathon of Santiago, stating that of 1,400 female entries registered in 2007, that number increased to 10,000 in 2016.

Entel Marketing Manager Rodrigo Solar said: “We are very happy and proud of the well-deserved recognition that Érika received. She is an example of overcoming and perseverance for many people in Chile and we are happy to be accompanying her here at the Entel Tower, at such an important time. ”

Érika Olivera Award to the best Chilean marathon runner

In addition to the recognition of the sporting career of Érika Olivera, the Entel Marathon of Santiago surprised the athlete by announcing that, since this year, a prize will be established that bears her name, and will be delivered to the first Chilean man and woman who crosses the 42K finish line. “I am very grateful for the opportunity they gave me during these years, I always felt very accompanied and supported. This is one of the great events that marked my career as a marathon runner and it is where we meet most of the Chilean runners and athletes. It’s a party where we all want to enjoy, we go for our own targets and goals, therefore, to remain part of the marathon, maybe as a coach in the future, is something very important, “said Érika Olivera at the ceremony. On April 2, at the biggest sporting event in Chile, the athlete will say goodbye to sports life running at home, with thousands of Chileans who will surely shout her name to see it happen. “This 2017 I will have the great opportunity to say goodbye to the Chilean runners, to share with everyone and say again thank you very much for everything,” she finished.


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