En sólo 10 horas se inscribieron más de mil personas al Entel Maratón de Santiago 2017

There are 30,000 entries available in 10K, 21K y 42K

  • At 00:00 of Monday, October 3, the entry system was activated in the official website, and ten minutes later 80 entries had been received for the biggest Sporting Celebration in Chile.
  • The first day of inscription closed with 3,079 entries, easily overwhelming the same period in 2016, which only featured 2,109 people.

Santiago, October 3, 2016. At 00:00 today the entries became available for the eleventh version of the Entel Maratón de Santiago 2017, which shall be held on April 2 next year, and after the first 10 minutes there were 80 runners already entered.

Although the available entries rose to 30,000 -2,000 more than in the 2016 version-  the anxiety of thousands of runners has been felt in the social networks, who had been asking for many weeks when and how to enter the 10K, 21K or 42K of the biggest Sporting Celebration in Chile.

As the hours went by, the enthusiasm was more evident. Ten hours after the activation of the entry form, 1,013 people had secured their participation, almost doubling the 2016 eMDS, when in the same period of time there were 588 entries. And the end-of-day calculation reflected the growing runner culture of our country: 3,079 runners entered in just the first day (24 hours), a lot more than in 2016, when only 2,109 did enter.

“At its beginnings, most entries to the Entel Maratón de Santiago were y people running 10K. Over time, the development of the Runner movement, the improved preparation of the runners and the new sports culture at all levels have produced that, today, the bulk of the runners participating in this event do it in the 21K distance. For 2017, naturally, we expect more athletes join this sports festivity and increase the records in 42K, where the challenge to fulfill the dream of completing a full marathon is even larger,” Felipe Salas, spokesman for the Entel Maratón de Santiago, recently said. He added that the ten athletes with a special grant by the Corporación Maratón de Santiago, including Daniel Estrada and Víctor Aravena, have their place assured in the event.


The prices to live this incredible sport experience and city celebration begin on 20,000 pesos (30 USD, approx.), which is the value for 10K entry in the first period of inscription, which goes from Oct. 3 to Nov. 30.


Entel, Main Sponsor of the event, shall issue a 20% discount to its customers that enter to run any distance during this first period. Those that additionally use the Entel-VISA card shall be awarded 50% of the paid value in their following credit card invoice.
Those interested in being part of the most important marathon race in our country, and which will feature the Blue Line for the first time in 2017, must go to the official website, fill the entry information form; the entry is confirmed after payment. Only people 18 years old or more may enter, except for the 10K category in which people 16 years old or more may enter. The kit pickup will be done only during the Expo Running, whose date and place will be confirmed later in time.




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