eMDS is an event of large dimensions, and this year we also have the tendency to reduce carbon print and minimize environmental impact. That is why, thanks to the support in residue management from the Sustainability Department of the Universidad Católica, Fundación Basura and PMA, separated garbage cans will be installed for the waste of the fruit delivered to the runners. We expect to gather 2.5 tons of organic waste which shall be transformed in Compost so organic cultivation can be carried out with it. All of this is done with the aim to make people aware on the importance of recycling and reutilization of waste to transform them in resources, eliminating the idea that “all that is not used is waste”.

Red de Alimentos, first Food Bank in Chile, joins the initiative. They are in charge of recovering fruit that are not eaten and in good shape to deliver them to different foundations, in order to avoid waste of food.


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