Entel Maratón de Santiago awards elder runners with a free entry

94 will be the runners from the 70 or more series who will receive the benefit.

  • The sporting date is April 8, 2018, and the only requirement is having participated in the previous version of eMDS.

As an acknowledgment of the effort and example they represent, the Entel Maratón de Santiago wanted to reward the elderly by giving them an entry free of charge to the twelfth version of the event, which will take place on April 8.

The runners benefited will be those who belong to the 70 or more series, who may enter for free in 10K, 21K or 42K. The only requirement that must be met is having officially participated in the 2017 eMDS. The idea gained strength at the Runners Meeting, on September 13 at Estación Mapocho, where the participants themselves suggested some kind of acknowledgement to elder adults.

“The Entel Maratón de Santiago is proud to have more and more entreis in the elder age series. They represent the essence of the event as perseverance, overcoming yourself and lead a healthy life. They really are an example to follow “, said Francisca Aguirre, Executive Director of the Entel Maratón de Santiago.

More than 30 seniors, out of a total of 94 cases, have already signed up for free to participate in the biggest sporting party in Chile, and they have encountered a pleasant surprise when they entered their information on the registration form.

Gabriela Vega (71), runner from Calama and who has already participated in the 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2017 versions of the eMDS, applauds the initiative. “I think it’s excellent, especially since at this age we are already retired and, in my case, I am from outside Santiago, there is a significant expense to be made between registration, airfare and stay in Santiago to participate. I am already preparing for the 10K with a special training plan, “said the former medical technologist, who also holds the title of South American champion in 5,000 meters in her age series.

Hernán Castillo (71), who has run the last four years in the longest event of the Entel Maratón de Santiago, also received the news happily. “It’s great, it’s an incentive for the effort you make. It was a nice surprise that motivates me to continue on the path of healthy living and keeping myself active, “said the senior runner, who is one of the founders of Florida Runners and also a basketball umpire.


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