Duilio de Lapeyra prepares for the 21K at the eMDS2017

The marathonist had a serious accident when participating of a benefit race for Teletón.

The athlete participates once again in the Entel Maratón de Santiago, an event that has him motivated to move forward.

Duilio de Lapeyra (40) is a commercial engineer and marathon runner. His name is known not for the thousands of kilometers he has in his body, but for a sad and dramatic accident happened at the end of 2012.

Duilio and a couple of friends joined to run in the benefit event called “130 Puro Corazón”, which intended to gather funds for the Teletón, when at kilometer 7.5 of the Route 78 were crashed by a car whose driver was driving drunk. Three of his friends died. He and other runner had extreme injuries.

Against all odds, this fan of sports rehabilitated, and although it is a continuing process he is proud to tell that he left his supporting cane in June 2016, and that six months ago he returned to train, combining trekking, swimming and spinning.

“I don’t jog much because I get a little afraid. I go to train to isolated places with my scooter, where there’s almost nobody. I still get a little shy, it’s silly, but it is part of my rehabilitation,” he says.

Duilio spent a year in Teletón, seven months in a wheelchair and more than two years with crutches, just to be able to switch to the cane. Although he has chronic pain, he told us this long process to move on was motivated by his wife, Susana, and his children Francisca (16), Ignacia (14 and Duilio (8).

As part of his recovery, in 2015 he entered the 21K at eMDS. He walked them with his wife and some friends. In 2016 he did the same with 10K, but with a soft jog. He finished the distance in 1h17m.

“The way I entered was almost insolent, but it has never been mi intention to participate for a specific time, just the motivation to be part of this party, so why not? I had a decent participation (he laughs) and what’s best, and I still get emotional over it, during all the way the people were supporting us and, actually, many of them came with me, reducing their speed, going with me side by side. I felt super supported” he said. This passionate marathon runner never gave up during his rehabilitation, even studying an MBA in Finance during his process of returning to sport.

“The Maratón de Santiago is more than a race: it’s an icon, part of Chile’s assets. To have thousands being activated for sport, I don’t know what else can do that. For me to participate is very important, it’s feeling that I did not ‘lose it’… I don’t know how else to say it. After the accident I saw the marathon on TV and I thought I would never be a part of it again”. Before the accident, he ran the eMDS in 2008 (21K) and from 2009 to 2012 in 42K.

“For this marathon I invented a ‘mobile cane’, inspired by my son’s scooter, so I hope to keep the rhythm without overloading the weakest leg” he says.

For 2018 his next challenge is “Running without limits”, return to the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, a route he did just one year before the accident. He has various races in his agenda for 2017, to get points and enter the select list of the trail event, which appears as a new test for this exemplary sportsman, with passion and perseverance wants to keep showing that there are no limits for running.


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