CicloRecreoVía is temporally suspended this April 2 due to Entel Maratón de Santiago

CicloRecreoVía –event that is held every Sunday of the year in seven districts in Santiago – will exceptionally suspend its operation this April 2 in the districts of Providencia, Santiago and Ñuñoa with the aim of easing the development of the Entel Maratón de Santiago and also to reduce, as much as possible, traffic issues in these districts due to the implementation of this competition.

Gonzalo Stierling, Director of CicloRecreoVía, said the following: “As CicloRecreoVía, our spirit and wish is to never suspend this initiative that should operate in all 52 Sundays in the year, moreover considering that for many people in Santiago CicloRecreoVía is the most important –and sometimes only- familiar and sporting activity they do in the week. We trust in a few years Entel Maratón de Santiago and CicloRecreoVía become 100% compatible and that none has to suspend because of the other”.

The CicloRecreoVías that operate in 4 other districts of the city will not be affected by the marathon and will operate normally.

Districts and streets where CicloRecreoVía will be suspended this Sunday, April 2:

  • PROVIDENCIA: Pocuro, Ricardo Lyon, Andrés de Fuenzalida, Costanera Andrés Bello and Pedro de Valdivia Norte
  • SANTIAGO: Cardenal José María Caro and José Miguel de la Barra
  • ÑUÑOA: Irarrázaval, between Fernández Concha and Ramón Cruz

On the other side, the following CicloRecreoVías will remain operative and will function normally between 9.00 and 14.00 hrs:

  • LAS CONDES: Sánchez Fontecilla between Callao and Francisco Bilbao
  • PARQUE METROPOLITANO: Cerro San Cristóbal
  • LA FLORIDA: Vicuña Mackenna Oriente and Santa Amalia
  • LA REINA: Sánchez Fontecilla and Príncipe de Gales between Salvador Izquierdo and Loreley

We are aware of the problems this situation could cause. However, the CicloRecreoVía circuits to be suspended will operate once again normally from April 9 onwards.

We appreciate your understanding and support.



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