Increase of entries over 70 years of age in the Entel Maratón de Santiago


  • 86 people over 70 years of age have confirmed their presence, which is an increase of almost 50% in men. In women the figure doubled regarding last year’s entries.
  • Of the 30,000 entries for the biggest Sporting Party in Chile, only 7,500 remain in stock.


Santiago, January 11, 2017.- While many Chileans enjoy their holidays, thousands of other compatriots are preparing to arrive in good condition to the eleventh version of the Entel Maratón de Santiago (eMDS), which will take place on April 2. There are already more than 22,500 national and foreign runners registered for the competition, and although this year there are 30,000 entries (two thousand more than previous years), it is projected that vacancies will be filled in the upcoming weeks.

With the clock running for Chile’s largest Sporting Party, the eMDS 2017 already has a significant increase in the category over 70 years, compared to 2016. This precedent confirms that in Chile there are more men and women who, notwithstanding their age, choose to lead a healthy life, finding in running a great ally.


For eMDS 2016, the entries until this date in such category were 47 men and 9 women; for this year, 68 men and 18 women confirmed their presence, a trend that could continue to increase. That is, we already have a 100% increase in the case of women and 45% in men.


“One of the most remarkable facts is the high growth of runners over 70 years in comparison to the 2016 edition, something that should certainly please us all because running as a sport has already become a lifestyle forever” said Felipe Salas, a spokesman for the Maratón de Santiago. He added that “senior running is a great challenge and physically an increasingly hard requirement, but the personal satisfaction of running and participating is unpayable. At the international level, athletes in their 70s are already a great category in themselves, since generations of amateur athletes have more than 30 years of development. Let’s support our +70 runners, let’s create the best conditions for them and let the applause be stronger every time, because the merit of doing so is superior, “said Salas.

In the meantime Rodrigo Solar, marketing manager of Entel, the main sponsor of the event, said: “Entel Maratón de Santiago is the biggest national sporting party and a great opportunity for Chileans and those who visit our country to join around this activity. We want people to connect with their environment, outdoor life, and for that reason it is a pride to be part, for the fourth consecutive year, of this citizen event. ”

Hernán Castillo, 70: “We are a motivation for the younger people”

Hernán Castillo is 70 y and this April 2 will be his fourth participation in the 42K of the Entel Maratón de Santiago.

This retired professor says that about eight years ago he began running by chance. He was always more connected to basketball, but once he started running, he did not stop anymore.

“Running is an activity that entertains me and motivates me to beat myself. It also keeps me active and proactive, for health and for the occupation of my free time. I have also been fortunate to meet many who enjoy this activity as much as I do and who are very valuable people, from all kinds of places,” says the teacher who has already participated twice in the 10K, three in the 21K and three in the 42K of the eMDS.

When he was still in school, his students asked him if he had participated in a race at the weekend, because he decided to make of the shirts of the races in which he participated, to get the younger ones to motivate and approach the sport.

“If the elders run, we are a motivation for the younger. They are not worried about physical activity, but the increase of those in my category is a motivation and invitation for the younger to join,” says Castillo, who is also one of the founders of Florida Runners.



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