Atletas MDS en Rio 2016: Daniel Estrada se prepara para el maratón olímpico


(photo) Daniel Estrada prepares for Rio2016

“I have to represent Chile in the best possible way”

Dani, as his friends call him, is a few weeks away from the most important landmark in his sporting career: Represent Chile in the Olympic Games!


As we know, training is never easy. Imagine training for the Olympics! As Estrada himself tells us, in May he went to train in Cochabamba, Bolivia, with his friend and athlete Víctor Aravena, and from July 10 to the early days of August will be doing so in Cuenca, Ecuador.

“The preparation has been quite difficult. We have completed nearly 200 kilometers per week, considering that we are at a height of 2,550 meters, with increased training from 30 to 34 kilometers, going up from 2500 to 3500 meters on the mountain. It has been quite complete,” said an excited MDS athlete.


Despite the incredible moment in the life of our long distance runner, twice winner of the MDS in 10K (2013) and 21K (2016), he knows that what he is about to live is a dream, and therefore is trying not to get distracted from his preparation: “I’m trying to take it in the quietest possible way. I will not relax because I already qualified. I have to represent Chile in the best possible way. ”


He adds that “you may have trouble realizing what was achieved, I still feel the same as always. Not for having qualified for the Olympics I feel more as an athlete or different as a person. For me, it’s like having one more target. ”
In August 5, the opening ceremony for the mega event will happen and Estrada will parade among the Chilean delegation with four more marathon runners: Erika Olivera, Victor Aravena, Natalia Romero and Enzo Yañez. It is there when the Calama-born athlete believes he will feel his achievement the most.


“I think I will realize what I achieved on the opening day, when I will start watching the best athletes in the world, those that you see on TV, right by my side. I think I will realize it all then”. That is what Estrada imagines. Then, on August 21, he will run the 42.195 meters for Chile in Rio2016, hoping to leave a mark in the competition that represents best the Olympic spirit.

Come on Dani!


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