28.000 corredores dieron vida al Entel Maratón de Santiago 2016


    • The Entel Maratón de Santiago, the biggest sporting celebration in Chile, gathered 28,000 runners, who filled the streets of the capital city with color.
    • Kenya was the country that won the 42 kilometers in women and men, with Ogla Kimaiyo and Victor Kipchirchir, respectively.

    Sunday, April 3.- A successful version of the Entel Maratón de Santiago took place in the main streets of our capital city. In its tenth version, the 28,000 athletes and runners who entered the race left everything to live a day of celebration sport and effort.

    The 42K started with the traditional cannon shot at 08:00, and then the 21K and 10K categories half hour later. The starts repeated a postcard that has become classic in the competition: the starting line of competitors in front of La Moneda Palace.


    As every year, the Entel Maratón de Santiago involves not only those who decide to run, but the entire city. Therefore, people by the thousands were present in different parts of the route to deliver their support, also becoming protagonists of this sporting event.

    Kenya dominates running

    The African country stole all looks, as they had the race winner in men and women. In men, the winner was Victor Kipchirchir, who defeated the competition with a time of 2h11’01”, also setting a new record in this competition. Meanwhile, in women, the winner was Ogla Kimaiyo, who recorded a time of 02h35’24”. “It makes me very happy to be competing in Santiago, since this is not an easy race. I’ll be back running here next year, no doubt,” said Kenyan Victor Kipchirchir, winner of the 42K, adding: “I’m happy to have achieved a new record in this circuit. This victory is dedicated to my seven year old son and his mother, who are in Kenya. ” Meanwhile, the winner of 42 kilometers, Ogla Kimaiyo, referred to his win in the competition: “First of all, I want to thank God for allowing me to win the Marathon of Santiago, because my opponents were also very strong. This is my first time in Santiago, and although the day was a little cold, it did not affect me because it allowed me to run with a comfortable temperature. If they invite me to the next one, I would be delighted to come.”Meanwhile, the best Chilean competitors were, in men, Eugenio Galaz, with 2h27’35”. On the other hand, Natalia Romero was the best in women, with a time of 2h47’20”.The official results of each category were as follows: 

    Men 42K

    First place: Víctor Kipchirchir (KEN)/2h11’01’’
    Second place: Luka Lobuwan (KEN)/2h’11’44’’
    Third place: Stephen Tum (KEN)/2h14’11’’

    Women 42K

    First place: Ogla Kimaiyo (KEN)/02h35’24’’
    Second place: Mestawot Tadesse (ETH)/2h’37’40’’
    Third place: Jemila Wortesa (ETH)/2h39’54

    Men 21K

    First place: Daniel Estrada (CHI)/1h07’08’’
    Second place: Mauricio Flandez (CHI)/1h’08’48’’
    Third place: Luis Bustos (CHI)/1h11’16’’

    Women 21K

    First place: Clara Morales (CHI)/1h’19’40’’
    Second place: Giselle Álvarez (CHI)/1h’20’57’’
    Third place: Verónica Ángel (CHI)/1h23’22’’

    Men 10K

    First place: Carlos Díaz (CHI)/28:18’’
    Second place: Jeison Arancibia (CHI)/30:40’’
    Third place: Yoshua Galaz (CHI)/30:55’’

    Women 10K                                                        

    First place: Jennifer González (CHI)/34:29’’
    Second place: Geraldine Becerra (CHI)/34:45’’
    Third place: Nicole Urra (CHI)/35:44’’


Todos los participantes debidamente inscritos podrán revisar sus tiempos alrededor de las 16:00 hrs. de este domingo en



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